The Upscale Tanning Studio

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Here is some information about tanning you may find interesting


Ultraviolet (UV) light

Most professional sunsets emit 95% UVA, and 5% UVB ultraviolet light. Equivalent to the sun, but in controlled doses.

Sunburn Prevention

A base tan from a sun bed actually acts as your skin’s natural protection against sunburn.

Vitamin D

UVB from a sun bed is an efficient way of producing vitamin D.

Look Beautiful

A tan from a sun bed will give you the glamorous look you desire.

Feel Beautiful 

A professional sun bed session will make you feel great.


What is Your Skin Type?

At Extreme Tan, we are specifically trained on the procedures required to provide you flawless results, safely, based on your skin type.

When you visit our salon, the first step is to complete a skin analysis form to determine your skin type so we are able to assess how to provide you with your desired results accordingly.

The Golden Rule: Never Sunburn!

Skin Type I

Pale white.

Always burns, never tans.

Skin Type II

White to light beige.

Burns easily, tans minimally.

Skin Type III


Burns moderately, tans gradually to light brown

Skin Type IV

Light brown.

Burns minimally, tans well to moderately brown

Skin Type V 

Moderate brown.

Rarely burns, tans quickly to dark brown.

Skin Type VI

Dark brown to black.

Never burns, tans quickly.


Can I Use Outdoor Tanning Lotions or Oils in the Sun beds?

This is not recommended. Outdoor and indoor tanning lotions and oils are formulated differently and are best used accordingly. If you apply outdoor tanning lotions or oils prior to entering a sun bed, it may damage the acrylic.

What is the Difference Between UVB and UVA?

UVB triggers melanin production within your skin, essential for optimal tanning results, while UVA bronzes the melanin, giving you a bronzed, golden glow. UVB produces vitamin D, which is essential for feeling good! While UVA provides a more gentile tanning process as it does not penetrate the skin as deeply as UVB, minimizing the risk of sunburn.

Why are Goggles Mandatory?

Goggles play a very important role when indoor tanning as they protect your eyes! Simply closing your eyes does not provide enough coverage as your eyelids are very thin and fragile! By law we are required to ensure each customer is using goggles so that we are confident in your safety and eye protection.

What should I wear?

Each sun bed is in a private room giving you the privacy to wear whatever you feel most comfortable. Some tanners choose to tan nude to avoid tan lines while others choose to tan in a bathing suit.

What NOT to wear

We recommend that each tanner remove any clothing that can block the UV rays, which will hinder your tanning results. We also recommend that you remove any jewelry, makeup, and any cologne or perfumes to ensure the most even, flawless results.

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